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Welcome New Licensed Members!

Written by : Megan Whitney, Co-Founder

We've had quite a few new Licensed Members hop on board over the past few months, and we're so thrilled to have them join Sewciety Kids! Let's meet one of them - Bree of Piper Lane Kids!

Bree is one of our most recent new members. She teaches quilting and sewing to home-schoolers and underserved youth in her community - we just LOVE THAT!!!

Later this year Bree is expanding her existing studio into a larger space and will have onsite classes.

She will be incorporating the Sewciety Kids Program into her offerings as she's adding more courses.

Bree, we can't wait to watch the progress of your expansion and see how Sewciety Kids helps your kids' program grow!

Wanna learn more about how to become a Licensed Member like Bree? Join an upcoming Live Zoom meeting with our founders, Meg and Megan.

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"Sew" excited to be a part of the Sewciety Kids family!! Can't wait to incorporate the curriculum - I'm looking forward to the growth & thank you for the warm welcome!! 🤗

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