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Cash Flow: How Sewciety Kids Can Help

Cash flow. It's the NUMBER ONE reason why new businesses fail.

What is cash flow? To simplify the definition, it's the money that flows into and out of your business. Why is it important? Because if cash in isn't greater than cash out, your business fails. Trying to achieve a positive cash flow is one of the biggest challenges a new business faces, and is the number one reason why many small businesses don't make it.

This is why subscription-based business models are everywhere: streaming services, monthly fashion subscriptions, beauty product boxes. Anything that allows a business to process customer payments on a monthly basis for it's services is winning the cash flow game.

Ok, so what does this have to do with Sewciety Kids?

Think about some other popular kids' activities - karate school, music lessons, or acting schools. In order to become skilled at something, you need to do it for a long time, right? An eight-year old child is not going to learn all about sewing in one six-week sewing class, then be able to pursue it independently as a hobby at home. Sewing, like a musical instrument, requires lots of practice to become proficient. Sewing classes for kids should be offered just like these other types of activities - year round!

When our studio (Urban Sewciety) was in its infancy, we had no long term plan. We discovered quickly there was a huge demand in our area for kids' sewing classes, but we couldn't figure out a way to keep up with it. We were spending incredible amounts of time searching for kid-friendly projects that we could use in our classes to keep kids coming back, and when we couldn't find them, we'd have to create our own. The process was time-consuming, frustrating, and unsustainable.

So, from the beginning, cash flow was not an issue from the perspective of customer demand. Students were ready and willing to come, but we didn't have a way to ensure that we had enough to offer them. If we had to turn students away due to lack of content, the revenue stream would end and cash flow would suffer.

We set out on an exhaustive search to find a modern curriculum for kids' sewing classes to solve our problem and found NOTHING, we set out to create our own. The result: our Sewciety Kids Sewing Program, a four-year long after-school curriculum.

Sewciety Kids provides enough content for every student who enters the Program to stay in it for FOUR YEARS and never make the same project twice. Every six weeks, students begin a new Unit with new projects that keep them building skills. You never have to worry about losing students. Keeping them engaged and excited about the increasingly awesome projects they get to make along the way ensures that you remain cash-flow positive, and your business succeeds.

Get started earning money on your Sewciety Kids journey by becoming a Licensed Member today!


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