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What is the Sewciety Kids Program?

The Sewciety Kids Sewing Program is a sewing curriculum for kids ages 7 to 12. The Program takes a skill-building approach, starting with simpler projects and introducing new concepts and techniques as students progress.

Kids are exposed to all aspects of sewing including: quilting, garment sewing, accessories, embroidery, applique.

How the Program Works...


The heart of the Sewciety Kids Program is After-School Classes. Students first take a Beginner Workshop (a standalone class) to learn the basics of the sewing machine, then they are eligible to enroll in the After-School Classes. Classes run on a 6-week schedule (called a session) and students typically complete 2 projects in the session.

The After-School Program is comprised of four Levels, each Level taking approximately 9 months (or one full school year) to complete - students can remain in the Program for four years and never make the same project twice!

In addition to After-School Classes, the Sewciety Kids Program offers additional optional content for Licensed Members including Summer Camps, School’s Out Mini-Camps, and Girl Scout Events. This additional content enables instructors to bring in new students, expand their Program, and increase revenue.

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