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What is the Sewciety Kids Program?

The Sewciety Kids Sewing Program is a sewing curriculum for kids ages 7 and up. The Program takes a skill-building approach, starting with simpler projects and introducing new concepts and techniques as students progress.

Kids are exposed to all aspects of sewing including: quilting, garment sewing, accessories, embroidery, applique.  They can take classes for four years and never repeat a project!

The Curriculum allows you to get started teaching right away.  The hardest part, figuring out what to teach, is done for you.  Our Start-Up Package gives you all the knowledge and tools to get your business started, and the Curriculum gives you all the content you need.  It's that easy!

Trinity Triangle Pillow Project

How the Program Works...

Cost Effectiveness

The heart of the Sewciety Kids Program is After-School Classes. Students first take a Beginner Workshop (a standalone class) to learn the basics of the sewing machine, then they are eligible to enroll in the After-School Classes. Classes run on a 6-week schedule (called a session) and students typically complete 2 projects in the session.

The After-School Program is comprised of four Levels, each Level taking approximately 9 months (or one full school year) to complete.  This feature is important, as it helps you maintain a consistent customer base and keeps revenue coming in!

The Sewciety Kids Program offers additional optional content for Licensed Members including Summer Camps, School’s Out Mini-Camps, and Girl Scout Events. This additional content enables instructors to bring in new students, expand their Program, and increase revenue.

Try out the Sewciety Kids content - FREE!

Download  the free Sample Pattern and get a feel for what to expect from our awesome curriculum!

Included in the free pattern: 

  • ​Class by class Lesson Plans 

  • Cover sheet with general project info, material lists, and more

  • Complete instructions and color photos 

  • Printable pattern pieces 

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