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The most comprehensive
sewing curriculum for kids.

Make money teaching kids to sew with the Sewciety Kids Sewing Program!  Sewciety Kids is a comprehensive sewing curriculum for today’s kids.   It is suitable for sewing businesses of any size, as well as individuals looking to make extra part-time income in their home.

Why Choose Sewciety Kids? 


The Sewciety Kids Program is proven successful.  It was born in our own sewing studio in Westfield, NJ, where we have been implementing it since 2015.  The Program is successful because we offer projects and fabrics that appeal to modern kids.  Kids are engaged and working on their project actively for the duration of each class.  The variety and quality of the projects keep them interested and coming back for more.  Parents love the Program because their kids are being creative and learning a valuable skill.  


No licensing fees, no royalties, no hidden costs!   All you do is purchase the content ONCE, and re-use it over and over for as many students as you like.  You can choose to purchase Unit Content (patterns) individually as needed, spreading the cost over a period of time.  Once you’ve purchased the content, you use it over and over indefinitely for all of your future students!


The Sewciety Kids Program offers enormous growth potential.   Our Program started out with less than a dozen kids and has grown to serve over 500 students year-round.  Growth can be achieved by offering summer camps, mini-camps, girl scout events, and more.  Or, simply offer more classes each week and increase class size.  The sky’s the limit!


Sewciety Kids Program Users have full control over their Program.  You can design your Program to fit your schedule and your financial goals.   For example, an individual who desires extra part-time income during the school year can choose to offer a few classes a week from September to June; a business looking to maximize use of their existing sewing classroom can offer after-school classes every day, as well as summer camps and mini-camps.



361 South Ave West, Westfield, NJ 07090, USA


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