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Teaching made easy! 

Build a thriving business in your town.  Start teaching kids to sew in your own studio today using the Sewciety Kids curriculum.   First, become a licensed member, then you'll receive access to purchase the Start-Up Package and any of the Curriculum.  It's that simple!

Get Going with the
Start-Up Package
  • General Program Information for Studio Owners & Program Managers (34 page document)

  • Revenue Calculator Worksheet - tells you how many classes to offer and what to charge to produce the desired revenue

  • General Information for Instructors (25 page document)

  • Beginner Workshop Lesson Plan - curriculum for the first class all students must take

  • Sewciety Kids After-School Program Forms 

  • Marketing Information

Once you become a Licensed Member, start here.  This Package contains all of the valuable information you need to get set up, get started and run a successful program.   It reveals all our secrets, and saves you tons of time and money trying to figure out how to get started on your own.  The Start-Up Package includes the following and more:

The After-School Curriculum

This is the content you'll use in After-School classes for all of your students. Purchase it complete, or Unit by Unit only as you need it (as your students progress) - it's up to you!  But once you buy it, it's yours to use again and again for all future students.

  • The curriculum is made up of four Levels
  • Each Level contains six Units.  A Unit contains two project patterns and typically takes students one session to complete (a session is six classes - once a week for six week)
  • Typically the first project in a unit is a craft, accessory, or home décor item and the second is a garment
  • At the end of Level 3 and in Level 4, Units contain only one project; in order to continue to challenge students the projects become more involved, taking longer to make
  • Projects start simpler, teaching basic skills, then get progressively more difficult
  • New skills are introduced and already learned skills are reinforced with each new project
  • Each Unit contains lesson plans for instructors, complete material lists, and PDF patterns in letter and copy shop formats

Level 1 Content


Level 2 Content

Which Way.jpg
Sydney Shirt .jpg

Level 3 Content

Rowan Boxy Bag .jpg
Easy Breezy Pants.jpg

Level 4 Content

You Da Bomb.jpg
The Finale Quilt.jpg

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